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eCentral have delivered projects from 400 pages to just 1. Including eCommerce, shopping, customer management, SMS robots and interaction with 3rd parties, legal accounting - we have done it all.

Search Engine Marketing
Since the inception of the Internet a high ranking on search engines has been part of the digital marketing mix. You would be suprised as some of the lengths we have gone too, most we won't talk about. Ultimately, we like to see our clients arrive first.

Pin sharp product photography is more important than ever as online customers demand to see every detail before deciding. We have orchestrated, outsourced and / or set up scenes to ensure that product photography is first rate.

Producing professionally edited video since 2008, our credientials in positioning your product on YouTube are business class. Walk thrus, product demonstrations, promos - its one of our business class strengths.

Projects. Managed.
Unsure which path to take with your digital strategy? Our expertise is often tapped to guide clients through a mountain of confusing quotes or rapidly bring a new project to fruition.

Marketing Consulting and Strategy
The ever present challenge to market product in new ways is something that excites us everday. We have kicked a goal or three with unique strategies to promote online.

Web Hosting & Domains
Among a myriad of companies offering web site hosting and domain management, we have a couple of very reliable favourites.

Connectivity and Client Communication
Transparent, open and clear communication with our clients is paramount. In face, online or via Skype. You'll understand everything with our simple language and patience.



News blog

8:53am, Fri 14 Nov 2014 :  How to improve your WIFI coverage with a Netgear WIFI expander
Netgear WIFI expander
Interesting call out recently was to sort out a Telstra Home Gateway and set it up to have a Netgear Wifi expander extend the WIFI range. The idea was to extend to wifi access to the back yard and patio as the Telstra ADSL connection and Telstra Gateway was located in the home office at the front of the house. The complication to the scenario was a business grade Xerox Docucenter 4300 printer that had network connectivity - the idea was to also make this available to the network via the wifi expander's single ethernet port.

While the Netgear wifi Expander offered a simple installation, something had gone wrong and nothing was working.

On site it was quickly found that the Netgear Wifi expander thought it had a reliable connection to the Telstra Gateway - turns out that it was not entirely happy as the IP addresses (identification numbers) given off by the expander where the wrong set and distinctly different to the ones distributed by Telstra Gateway. Long story short, anything connecting to the expander could not see the rest of the network, or the Internet, even though the expander was making a connection to the Telstra Gateway. No good - this was verified by checking the PC's in the house that were connecting to the different wifi networks and the Tesltra Gateway itself - different IP addresses!

With the Netgear Expander was re-configured to distribute the correct numbers and voila ! the computers connecting to it could now see each other and the Internet.

Second step was the Xerox DocuCenter 4300 - its well hidden, but the its IP address was set hard and fast... and wrong for this new configuration. Online documentation is not really available, but some lead on set up was found and access to the maintenance menu was gained. Difficult to find, but not impossible (and typical for traditional corporate IT companies - with set up tools make it more likely to need a "technician" to visit - costing $$ - the oldest trick in the book :). Anyway's the printer set up was hacked and the IP address set correct. Hey presto - the printer was then accessible to the computers on the network.

Job done - time for a nice coffee to explain the result to the client and move onto the next job.





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