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Mix and match from the eCentral suite of business class services to engineer your online success.

eCentral have delivered projects from 400 pages to just 1. Including eCommerce, shopping, customer management, SMS robots and interaction with 3rd parties, legal accounting - we have done it all.

Search Engine Marketing
Since the inception of the Internet a high ranking on search engines has been part of the digital marketing mix. You would be suprised as some of the lengths we have gone too, most we won't talk about. Ultimately, we like to see our clients arrive first.

Pin sharp product photography is more important than ever as online customers demand to see every detail before deciding. We have orchestrated, outsourced and / or set up scenes to ensure that product photography is first rate.

Producing professionally edited video since 2008, our credientials in positioning your product on YouTube are business class. Walk thrus, product demonstrations, promos - its one of our business class strengths.

Projects. Managed.
Unsure which path to take with your digital strategy? Our expertise is often tapped to guide clients through a mountain of confusing quotes or rapidly bring a new project to fruition.

Marketing Consulting and Strategy
The ever present challenge to market product in new ways is something that excites us everday. We have kicked a goal or three with unique strategies to promote online.

Web Hosting & Domains
Among a myriad of companies offering web site hosting and domain management, we have a couple of very reliable favourites.

Connectivity and Client Communication
Transparent, open and clear communication with our clients is paramount. In face, online or via Skype. You'll understand everything with our simple language and patience.



News blog

11:29pm, Tue 28 Oct 2014 :  Anti virus and anti malware software will not run.

The weekend call out just past required a concerted effort to get onto of the gremlins in a Windows 7 computer that was at its worst with browser screens covered in ads. Should have grabbed a photo, but long story short, attempts to surf any web site caused over lays, pop ups and ads squeezed into the display page. There was so much that it was almost impossible to use the Internet. The poor girl with the problem complained about frustration so much so that she had thrown her computer across the room.

In this situation a couple of things:
1. DO NOT throw your computer.
The majority of notebook computers have rapidly spinning hard drives. Just like a record player that will jump when bumped, the tiny hard drives in today's notebooks can and will jump if knocked about too much, which WILL cause them to fail completely. Completely. You WILL loose or your information, have to replace the hard drive and get Windows re-installed, etc, etc.

2. DO NOT Rush out and buy hundreds of dollars of antivirus software.
If you think that the salesperson at the local IT store has the answer in a colourful shrink wrapped box, then you are probably wrong. There are literally millions of viruses and malware running around these days and quite a few of them will inhibit or block the use of anti-virus software once they have taken over! ... and when it comes to problems getting the software installed on your hacked up machine, don't think that the smiling salesperson is going to be any help - he / she probably has a Mac, and completely ignorant about such matters.

3. DO NOT buy a new computer
Lots of people toss their reliable old computer in favour of the GREAT expense of getting a whole new computer. The current generation of notebooks seemingly attractive and glossy with that fancy Windows 8. From all the people I know using Windows 8, I have just one that is enjoying the massive change in the way it works. Just finding your favourite program once installed is a mind bender. Commonly these new machines are under powered to run Windows 8 too.... so starting it up is slower than ever. Never mind getting your old information from the hacked computer.

Let's add it up for you: New computer  = $$$ to buy + time to learn the Windows 8 + effort to get your photos and goodies from the old computer + the extra expense of new Office licenses, etc.... AND you still have learned nothing about avoiding malware, ad spammers and viruses.

Any skilled virus busting computer repair person will be able to do a recovery and virus removal from your computer inside a couple of hours. In the worst case, he can sort out a re-install and simple recovery of information (not if you have tossed your notebook across the room - see 1.)

He / She can advise you on the current favoured anti malware / anti virus software choices (which might even be free to install)

You should then take the time with the computer repair professional to learn how to spot malicious virus and malware software which are always trying to trick you into installing. We all make mistakes and will get tricked in the future - but a little education and care will help you avoid 99% of the drama and keep you computer virus and malware free.





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