Introducing Flight Plan ©

A methodology to optimise your digital marketing

What is Flight Plan©?

The majority of businesses need to market themselves on the Internet in some way these days. Since 1998 we have resolved countless examples of mis-spent advertising money, websites that don't generate leads and online systems that don't "flow".. Flight Plan© is a proven methodology for working through the digital marketing of a business to deliver consistent results by directing effort and budget to where it is most effective. As part of the process "Flight Plan©" reveals opportunity, cost reductions and converts more leads to customers.

It does not stop there, Flight Plan© investigates your product delivery, customer service and follow up to ensure that your customers are left with a big smile... and as we know happy customers tell their friends and return for more.

Does your business need Flight Plan©?

Flight Plan©

Introducing Flight Plan© and the benefits for your business.


  • Tailored marketing plan set up and monitored
  • Web site upgrade
  • Personal IT training
  • Computer support
  • Guaranteed results
  • Monthly Contract
  • 1-2 Staff

Business Class

  • Tailored marketing with regular review
  • Optimised web site for results
  • Staff training and support
  • Business wide IT support
  • Guaranteed results
  • Monthly Contract
  • 2 - 9 Staff

First Class

  • Tailored marketing systems and managed expense
  • Web site integration to business
  • Work flow review and improvements
  • Complete IT systems support
  • Guaranteed results
  • Monthly Contract
  • 10 - 19 Staff


  • Custom marketing and digital programs
  • Multistream digital marketing
  • Performance workflow systems
  • Integration with your IT systems
  • Guaranteed results
  • Monthly Contract
  • 20 + staff

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Flight Plan© includes:

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3. Evaluate opportunity against 50+ digital channels
3. Preparation of your custom Digital Flight Plan
4. In-person report, Q & A

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