Conquer Termites Northside takes the lead as Brisbane's best

Wed 26 Sep 2018

The termite inspection business is founded on trust and local identity. While the quality of service stays a top priority, customers have to know who to call when pest problems arise. After years of service in the termite inspection and pest management industry, Conquer Termites Northside became inner-north Brisbane's go-to guys. But one area was too small so Conquer Termites Northside had their eyes set far beyond their immediate horizon. They were looking for aggressive expansion and thus reached out to eCentral.

As Brisbane's most highly-rated digital marketing consultants, eCentral offers well-rounded digital marketing services that have been developed since 1999 balancing acumen and organic hard work in order to achieve real results. First off, eCentral created the "Strategic Marketing and Digital" for Conquer Termites Northside. Strategic Marketing and Digital plan from eCentral are tailored especially for clients' unique needs. With so many players inside the pest management industry in Brisbane, Conquer Termites Northside needed to stand out.

With over a dozen strategies to implement as a result of the plan, Conquer Termites Northside started to invest in their marketing and engaged eCentral to implement the various tactics. One such tactic was the production of "Termite Talk" Videos - a series of episodes featuring the team that personally works in termite inspection and pest management projects, the equipment involved on the job, and all things termites. Highlighted in these videos are discussions about how homeowners can detect pest problems at home so that it can be treated at an earlier stage.

Apart from relevant video content, eCentral also hand-crafted a website for speed and customer experience orientation for Conquer Termites Northside, underpinned by eCentral's efficient  IT systems. Conquer Termites Northside now has a finely crafted website engineered to attract customers specifically from their target market localities. The website provides  very relevant knowledge through blogs and other data on all facets of their business. With "Local Search" becoming such a popular pastime for the web development and digital marketing fraternity, eCentral's success in local search stamps their authority by demonstrating superior technical knowledge and outstanding results.

Months and numerous testimonials later, Conquer Termites Northside is at the top of their game in terms of market position, brand exposure and online presence. Customers who are looking for pest management help online, only click on the top result. Thanks to eCentral's unrivalled technical competence and client-focused digital market services, Conquer Termites Northside has taken the lead as Brisbane's best.

For more information about this success and other marketing and digital successes from eCentral call and speak with business owner, John Nayler on 0407 15 13 11.

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"... to a site that is user friendly, produces fantastic results"

We have been working with eCentral for over a year now ...and will continue to use his services indefinitely due the complete satisfaction we have in this arrangement. They have taken us from a web site that was hard to manage and invisible to a site that is user friendly, produces fantastic results in terms of direct business...they have placed us into top 5 positions ...and I can now see the steps they took to grow our understanding, knowledge and then take the steps to grow our online success. Can't recommend them highly enough.

Shane McNally
Whitehaven Xpress

You might ask, why do John's web designs work so well?

No matter how clever in an IT sense web developers may be, if they don’t understand the basic principle that web sites are a business’s window to the world and should convert information into revenue, they aren’t of much value. For these reasons, I have immense respect for John Nayler and his knowledge and skills and highly recommend him to anyone who may be thinking of engaging his services.


eCentral consistently delivered software systems that sustained our growth and the need for bespoke software to support the business model.

The simplicity of the systems and software enabled staff to proceed with minimal training while delivering reports integral to the management of the business. By the time the systems were built, eCentral had gone on to construct a Trust Accounting System which was fully integrated with the rest of the application set streamlining our workflow significantly and providing substantial cost saving due to efficient work processes. For an IT consultant, John has a unique capacity to interrogate the processes within the business and understand the business drivers. His solutions were always with our specific business outcomes in mind. I have, in over 40 years in business, found this to be a very rare combination. I highly recommend the software development capabilities of John Nayler and eCentral.

Don Horsfall
Conveyancing Works Solicitors

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