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Wed 21 Nov 2018

To have an online presence is like putting up shop for the whole world to see. Digital marketing has been and still is a huge help to businesses every day. Through the access granted by digital marketing, businesses can introduce themselves in the best way possible to their customers, and customers have never been given easier access to the businesses they know and trust.

So when establishing an online presence for your business, it's important not to go halfway through your efforts. As a matter of fact, businesses should go the extra mile. Take Twintech Electrical for example.

Twintech Electrical is an electrical and data company on the Brisbane North side made up of tradesmen who are experienced in various electrical and data-related industries. Twintech Electrical's business was doing good, but they felt the need that they could do better - bring in more clients, and get more work done. It was at this time that they called on the services of their first digital marketing provider.

After some time, Twintech Electrical's website was released and they, as a business, had officially taken the first step towards conquering the digital space. The first step, however, was not followed up so well - the team from Twintech Electrical felt un-enthused about their online branding and the way their website looked like. The entire interface gave off a customer experience that seemed too hard to deal with, and it felt like the website was created just so Twintech Electrical had something they could call a "part of their online presence." As a result, Twintech Electrical got no leads from their website, and it encouraged no engagement with existing clients.

Twintech Electrical, ever the ones who are always swiftly changing for the better, called on the stalwarts of Queensland's digital marketing industry, eCentral Digital Marketing who have been perfecting their skills since 1999.

eCentral gave Twintech Electrical what it needed all along to truly make their online presence significantly, well, significant. eCentral presented Queensland's Best Marketing Program - a digital marketing strategy that is tailored for Twintech Electrical to improve their marketing and digital.

Twintech Electrical's new and improved website looked more attractive - it's now easier to navigate through it, and customers are now enjoying a more responsive Twintech Electrical customer experience.

eCentral also created a newsletter mechanism for Twintech Electrical's clients, which received glowing remarks from its existing audience. Who knew that such a small touch of thoughtfulness added so much value to Twintech Electrical's already satisfied circle of clients. Google ratings have never been better, overall customer satisfaction has never been better and now the world knows about it via their first class reputation online.

In just a few short months are joining Queensland's Best Marketing Program, Twintech Electrical's Google maps "place" is now perfectly tuned and populated with glowing reviews from their very satisfied clients. Search Google maps for Twintech Electrical to see for yourself.

It's time for your business to take on new heights, all you need the right plan and the team to execute it. This is where Queensland's Best Marketing Program from eCentral is the design and the substance to make your business soar. You can reach eCentral at 0407 151 311 or visit eCentral HQ at East Brisbane.

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We have been working with eCentral for over a year now ...and will continue to use his services indefinitely due the complete satisfaction we have in this arrangement. They have taken us from a web site that was hard to manage and invisible to a site that is user friendly, produces fantastic results in terms of direct business...they have placed us into top 5 positions ...and I can now see the steps they took to grow our understanding, knowledge and then take the steps to grow our online success. Can't recommend them highly enough.

Shane McNally
Whitehaven Xpress

You might ask, why do John's web designs work so well?

No matter how clever in an IT sense web developers may be, if they don’t understand the basic principle that web sites are a business’s window to the world and should convert information into revenue, they aren’t of much value. For these reasons, I have immense respect for John Nayler and his knowledge and skills and highly recommend him to anyone who may be thinking of engaging his services.


eCentral consistently delivered software systems that sustained our growth and the need for bespoke software to support the business model.

The simplicity of the systems and software enabled staff to proceed with minimal training while delivering reports integral to the management of the business. By the time the systems were built, eCentral had gone on to construct a Trust Accounting System which was fully integrated with the rest of the application set streamlining our workflow significantly and providing substantial cost saving due to efficient work processes. For an IT consultant, John has a unique capacity to interrogate the processes within the business and understand the business drivers. His solutions were always with our specific business outcomes in mind. I have, in over 40 years in business, found this to be a very rare combination. I highly recommend the software development capabilities of John Nayler and eCentral.

Don Horsfall
Conveyancing Works Solicitors

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