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Hi there.

I know, I know, the marketing and digital profession is up there with used car salesmen for reputation. Your skeptical and you have the right to be. We have been in the business for 20 years and seen more than our fair share of horror stories.

Yes, it's been 20 years since eCentral began building websites, creating digital strategies and marketing for the needs of literally hundreds of customers. If eCentral has made a mistake, it's that we have taken on every client over the years and done what we could with the budget, no matter how small.

The good news is that in 2017, eCentral found direction and embarked on a mission. We set out to engage with successful, honest, well run residential trade and service businesses that want growth and more customers. For them we deliver "Queensland's Best Marketing Program" which includes seventeen marketing and digital methods. It's the distillation of the most powerful and reliable things that we have done over the years along with innovations we regularly create. These methods are now integrated and delivered with project management ... and it works. We are now the marketing and digital managers for 9 fantastic Queensland businesses and happily relate their great satisfaction with our work. We would not have it any other way.

This is where you come in. We are seeking other great Queensland businesses that believe in client service, integrity and looking for growth.

You have to take action. You have to invite us to demonstrate our marketing and digital systems working and take note of the results we deliver. Furthermore, we are very pleased to share with you some insights into our clients growth, invite you to talk with them and confirm it for yourself.

If you have a business that is the right fit, WE WILL DELIVER the additional customers and growth you are looking for.

We are at your service.

Kind regards
John Nayler

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Conquer Termites northside grew their business with eCentral

Case Study: Conquer Termites Northside

Conquer Termites Northside is a leading example of our Queensland's Best Marketing Program at work. Using a proiritised approach to implementing Queensland's Best Marketing Program, we identified the best opportunities for marketing their business and sought them out first. As success mounted, we implemented the rest of the instruments at our disposal, tweaked secret search engine techniques, engineered a first class social media presence and optimised an engaging website. Video, email newsletters and customer surveys are other critical innovations in the mix.

As a result, Conquer Termites Northside enjoy top Google position across their target geography. They are now perceived as industry leaders. The phone is constantly ringing driving business growth.

Core strategies for marketing reach of Conquer Termites Northside

Search Engine Position

Conquer Termites Northside's website www.termitesnorthside.com.au now ranks in the first results for the majority of searches for the Termites *suburb* keyword. Don't believe us? Try searching for "termites" followed by any brisbane north suburb and see the results for yourself. You will find www.termitesnorthside.com.au in position one ... probably position two as well.

See for yourself
Check their search result

Online Reputation Management

Conquer Termites Northside now boasts a 5/5 star ranking on Google Maps with more than 70 reviews. This was achieved through our systemised surveying process and training of staff to gather reviews. Benefit from new clients ringing your business because of your great reputation and not questioning the price.

See for yourself
Check their reputation

Online Video Marketing

Conquer Termites Northside elected to have their own video blog from our social media engagement options. "Termite Talk" now features 40+ episodes across YouTube, Facebook and their website. It's just one way that our systems position our clients as industry leaders in social media.

See for yourself
Check their YouTube


What Queensland's Best have to say about marketing management by eCentral.

"Proven Results"

Our experience with eCentral started in mid 2017 with their Digital Marketing planning service which revealed a range of ways they wanted to promote us online. Optimistic about the possibilities, we engaged their plan. It took a number of months to kick in but we are now experiencing results 40% and 50% greater than last year. Apart from the need for more staff we would like the trend to continue.

Alan Ferguson
Conquer Termites Northside

Learn more and call 0407 15 13 11

Queensland's Best Marketing Program Explained

What is Queensland's Best Marketing Program?

"Queensland's Best" is the culmination of 19 years digital marketing expertise developed by eCentral. If your business is ready to take off, eCentral's unique marketing systems work!

Our marketing and digital program includes at least:

  • Beautiful fast modern websites that convert
  • Arrive first with our unique secret SEO strategies
  • Grow your online reputation with our unique survey processes
  • Release of case studies and blogs for website and social media
  • Social media optimisation, connection building and marketing
  • Customer database CRM marketing and Newsletters
  • Video and YouTube production in our purpose built studio
  • Google Adwords and Facebook ads management
  • Group marketing
  • Attending Queensland's Best Forum events
  • Branding, design and print
  • And many things that we don't talk about publicly...
  • Important : We work exclusively per locality and industry

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Bathroom Renovations, Carpenters, Carpet Cleaning, Community Assistance, Concreting, Conveyancing, Decking, Doors, Drafting, Earthworks, Fencing, Flooring, Floor Sanding, Glazier, Guttering, Handyman, House Cleaning, Insulation, Kitchens / Cabinetry, Landscapers, Painters, Pavers, Plastering, Pool Refurbishment, Pool Servicing, Removalists, Rendering, Retaining Walls, Roof Repairs, Roofing, Security Screen, Self Storage, Doors, Solar Power, Storage, Structural Engineer, Tilers, Accountants, Sheds and Garages, Conveyancing, Mobile Mechanics, Mobile Windscreens, Mobile Pet Wash, Mobile Car Roadworthy

Help has arrived

Book your 30 minute demonstration

In person or online, set aside just 30 minutes to learn about Queensland's Best Marketing Program.