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Should I buy property with my SMSF? - Laura Sillano, Pod Financial

Fri 10:00am 13 Apr 2018
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Should I buy my next investment home using my SMSF? The question very straightforward but the answer, never simple enough - it depends. What's your appetite for complexity? How much time do you have? Is your professional advice team on the ready (consisting of solicitor, financial planner, accountant and lender)? How much do you have held in funds?

Whilst the servicing and credit assessment are simple enough, the preparation and consultation involved in buying a home using your SMSF is something that is incredibly time-consuming and often costly. It's never advised that you simply go head first into this transaction unaided and Laura advises that you should do your proper diligence in seeing if it is the right move. Educate yourself.

Laura notes that buying homes using your SMSF is more common amongst seasoned business owners, particularly, those with already complex structures in place. These may be trusts or owning several companies but the moral of the story is that it will involve serious advice, time, money, and of course good decision making. Ensuring your affairs are in order also ensures compliance with the strict and complex lending laws surrounding this area of finance.

Seek the right advice for your personal situation today by contacting Laura Sillano of Pod Financial on 0422 320 497 or emailing the team on

DISCLAIMER: The advice provided in this video is only general in nature. Please seek the advice of a trained and qualified professional for advice that suits your particular circumstance.

Meet our resident experts

Robert King

Robert King


Robert is a fully qualified Chartered Accountant, Registered Tax Agent & Xero Guru. He spends his time helping clients through all stages of the business cycle from setting up a business through to its eventual sale.

Laura Sillano

Laura Sillano

Mortgage Lending

Laura is a Residential Mortgage Broker with over 11 years experience. She is passionate about educating her clients about their options, and provides mortgage lending advice that is grounded by life experience.

Helen Baker

Helen Baker

Financial Planning

Helen Baker, founder of On Your Own Two Feet, is an experienced financial adviser and firmly believes in the benefits of having a strong team of professionals to underpin your financial foundations.

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Sun 31 Dec 2017

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Some key pointers suggest that you don't need to wait for  ...


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Tue 26 Dec 2017

We speak with Robert King and ask the question is my big business too big for Xero. Xero has been considered a savior for small and medium business as it has risen to become the most popular accounti ...


What is Bitcoin ... Blockchain and cryptocurrency

Mon 25 Dec 2017

We speak with Don Kerr, mathematician, mortgage broker and investor. He has been researching Bitcoin for some time and the underlying technology which is Blockchain. Blockchain technology is the key  ...


Recovering from devastation in festivals and business, Bill Hauritz, Woodford Folk Festival

Fri 22 Dec 2017

In the final of this three-part series speaking with Bill Hauritz from Woodford Folk Festival, we focus on the devastating rain and floods that affected the festival in 2010/2011.

Bill speaks about  ...


What can business learn from festivals

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Robert King is back on the eCentral Business Show and this time we talk about when a business is too small for Xero.

Robert speaks about the simplicity of cloud-based Xero and it being designed for  ...


God, heart, gut or reproduction - which do you appeal to?

Essential viewing from TEDx

Mon 18 Dec 2017

The #socialrevolution may appear to be power to the people and the big players would have you think that their platforms are wholesome. The truth is the manipulation goes on behind the scenes has Glo ...


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Expert in public speaking John Mulvey is on the eCentral Business Show to talk about how to connect with an audience.

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We speak with public speaking expert John Mulvey about the reasons that people would rather die than speak in public.

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Numerous interesting insights in this interview with Anky Balfoort about the challenges for parents when both work.

How to make sure that people caring for your children is just one of the challenge ...


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In this interview with Lloyd Russell we explore the challenges to family business. Family businesses make up a large portion of businesses across Australia and the world and many have been successful ...


How to succeed at mediation with Farley Tolpen

Wed 06 Dec 2017

Farley Tolpen has successfully mediated 1000s of sceptical parties in his career and in this insightful video talks about how to succeed at mediation.

Video transcript: How to succeed in mediations  ...


How much should you pay for life coaching with Adrian Cahill

Tue 05 Dec 2017

In the final episode of this video series with life coach Adrian Cahill we address the money question.

How much should life coaching cost?

Adrian talks transparently about the important question.



Why offshore to Philippines with Mike O'Hagan

Mon 04 Dec 2017

In the final of these series with Mike O'Hagan he explains why offshore to the Philippines. Considering culture, time zone and education system, there are a lot of reasons that the Philippines makes  ...


How to make kids behave with Anky Balfoort

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Anky Balfoort from Cohesive Counselling comes on the eCentral Business Show to talk about how to make kids behave.

An advocate for the positive parenting program (PPP) developed by the University of ...


How to prepare for Mediation with Farley Tolpen

Thu 30 Nov 2017

Farley Tolpen is back on the eCentral Business show and this time we talk about how to prepare for mediation.

Really valuable if you are facing court with no apparent way to resolve some situation.


How to escape business slavery with Mike O'Hagan

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Business should not be slavery so its ironic to  see so many business owners working so hard in there business.

In this interview we discuss some steps to escape business slavery with Mike O'Hagan  ...


Do I need a life coach?

Tue 28 Nov 2017

Thanks again Adrian Cahill for coming in to be on the eCentral business show.

It has been a valuable insight to speak with you about the dynamic of Life Coaching and how it can benefit virtually any ...


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L ...


Simon Quinn on the eCentral Business Show

Mon 20 Nov 2017

Pleasure to speak this morning to the businessman and LNP candidate for South Brisbane Simon Quinn from Annerley.

Simon is passionate about proactive efforts to improve Queensland's success. In the  ...


How does life coaching work?

Sun 19 Nov 2017

It was maybe 6 years ago the Adrian Cahill appeared through a shrub onto the beach at Hamilton Island. Fresh off a flight we took off in my Zodiac to start our first Couch Surfing experience. Both ex ...


Shadow Treasurer Scott Emerson speaks about Queensland's Debt ahead of the election

Fri 17 Nov 2017

We have now spoken to the Labour, LNP and the greens ahead of the Queensland Election and in this interview, we speak with Scott Emerson, Shadow Treasurer for Queensland and member of Indooroopilly.  ...


My business has run out of money is a place no one wants to be, but sometimes...

Tue 14 Nov 2017

Expert in the field Barry Hopkins speaks about business owners coming to the realisation that their business has run out of money. It is possibly the most dreaded of business experiences. It can resu ...


How do you save a failing business with Barry Hopkins

Mon 13 Nov 2017

We welcome Barry Hopkins from Victory Business Solutions on the ecentral business show. Barry's expertise and passion is working with people in deep financial trouble typically around a business fail ...


I am builder and not getting paid with Antony Eaton

Thu 09 Nov 2017

Antony Eaton discusses the options and problems that builders and subcontractors face with getting paid.

A little too often hard working construction industry workers face delays when seeking renume ...


Antony Eaton speaks about how to settle disputes with builders

Tue 07 Nov 2017

We welcome Antony Eaton to the eCentral Business Show and appreciate his time to come in and speak to us about problems that arise with building and construction projects. It seems that we all know s ...


Does that immigration department have to be notified when circumstances change?

Mon 06 Nov 2017

We talk to Bruce Kimball about why the immigration department need to be notified when something in your life changes after making an application.

Video transcript:
why do I need to tell immigratio ...


How do be more productive is a daily challenge for all levels of business. Here are some simple tips

Thu 02 Nov 2017

We talk to Steuart Snooks about productivity as it's one of the key components of getting on with business.

Video transcript:
how do I become more productive is the subject of today's e central bus ...


How to protect your intellectual property as a start up with Brent Weston

Wed 01 Nov 2017

With the evolution of start - up culture there is the ever present threat that ideas will be stolen or copied. Along with that there is the need for start ups to consider trademarks and IP that shoul ...


What is the difference between a migration agent and migration lawyer?

Mon 30 Oct 2017

Thank you Bruce Kimball for coming on the eCentral business show and talking about the difference between a migration agent and a migration lawyer. Bruce is a registered migration agent and works wit ...


Deputy Premier Jackie Trad speaks about the future for Queensland on the eCentral Business Show

Sun 29 Oct 2017

With the election looming Jackie Trad, Deputy Premier of Queensland and state member for South Brisbane accepted our invitation to come on the eCentral Business Show.

In the segment, we talk about t ...


How to get control of email with Steuart Snooks

Fri 27 Oct 2017

Within inboxes continuing to overflow with excessive amounts of email, overuse of the carbon copy and blind copy functions, organisations and in box continues to struggle with the growing volume of e ...


Why is workplace safety such a big deal with Wayne Bramwell - Part 2

Tue 24 Oct 2017

With more information on hand about Workplace safety being a big deal, we continue to talk with Wayne Bramwell from Bramwell and partners.

Video Transcript :
Why is workplace safety such a big deal  ...


Why should I use a migration agent?

Mon 23 Oct 2017

Great to have experienced migration agent Bruce Kimball on the eCentral business show.

We talk in this episode about what it is important to use a migration agent to navigate the process of migratin ...


Why is your intellectual property important

Mon 23 Oct 2017

If you are building a business then you are building intellectual property. As a consequence you've got capital, investment in knowledge, secrets, copyright material and more. In this interview with  ...


Amy McMahon talks about Greens policy and implications for Queensland business

Fri 20 Oct 2017

Amy McMahon is back on the eCentral Business Show. This time we go into detail about policy and implications for Queensland business.

With all the spotlights on Adani coal, it seems that the Queensl ...


Why is workplace safety such a big deal with Wayne Bramwell

Thu 19 Oct 2017

We speak with Wayne Bramwell from Bramwell and Partners about workplace safety and why it's so important these days.

With acceptable risks at an all-time low and high moral values for life and limb, ...


The difference between leadership and entrepreneurship with Arthur McKinley

Wed 18 Oct 2017

In this second video with Arthur we continue to explore this after the difference between leadership and entrepreneurship.

In the modern day ever the fundamental shift happening in the nature of wor ...


Amy MacMahon from the Queensland Greens

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Why is it important to network weekly?

Tue 10 Oct 2017

We talk with Julie Bannister about the reasons that it is important to network weekly if you are going to network at all.

To know, like and trust someone, you have to be consistent and reliable to  ...


Arthur McKinley on the eCentral Business Show - Leadership v Entrepreneurship

Fri 06 Oct 2017

Arthur McKinley is a senior and well-respected member of the Queensland business community comes talks with John Nayler about the difference between Leadership and Entrepreneurship.

These well-worn ...


What it takes to be a great Leader

Fri 06 Oct 2017

Donna Hein has honed her leaderships over a long career in tourism, recruitment, education and training.

Along the way, she has identified some of the key qualities of a great leader. She shares th ...


Why health, weight and self image are linked to your success.

Wed 04 Oct 2017

Tegan Hudak from Wellpower Solutions talks with John Nayler about the importance of health and how being a healthy weight is important to your success.

First impressions, energy levels, living longe ...


Lana Luise on the eCentral Business Show

Tue 03 Oct 2017

With so many social media in existence these days, it's hard to know which one to drive your business or market through. Lana Luise from space digital comes in to talk to us about the different outlet ...


Julie Bannister on the eCenttral Business Show

Thu 28 Sep 2017

Is in-person networking still relevant in the digital era is the question that we propose to Julie Bannister. Owner of a business networking group, Julie feels that in person connection is important  ...


Tofe Evans on the eCentral Business Show

Tue 26 Sep 2017

Tofe Evans speaks about the various challenges he has faced in his life and how he has now built his "resilience" to seek out and face challenges with zest. In pursuit of this character trait, he has  ...


Tom Peters talks about 59

Tom Peters delivers a powerful talk about leadership, change and innovation

Tue 26 Sep 2017

This powerful talk by Tom Peter's is full of pointed and Powerful advice. In his direct talking Manor kiosk that leaders take the step of doing things such as "hanging out with weird people".

He al ...


Cassandra Woodforth on the eCentral Business Show

Mon 25 Sep 2017

Is NBN the answer for business is the subject of this interview with Cassandra Woodforth from ECN Communications.

Business is relying on Internet more than ever so fast and reliable Internet is an ...


What is the secret of big brands that is staring you in the face?

Fri 22 Sep 2017

"What is the secret of big brands that is staring you in the face" is the subject of this very special digital marketing video.

Over the years we have come to notice that big brands of the digital  ...


Why your website must have SSL security now

Thu 21 Sep 2017

Google have been suggesting since 2014 that SSL security as a good feature to have in your website to secure the data transfer between you and your clients and prospects.

Midway through 2017 they h ...


How to retire early with Michael Del Castillo

Wed 20 Sep 2017

Michael Del Castillo reminds us the age old strategy to retire early. The well worn path as far as I am concerned is the following:
1. Start now
2. Make a plan
3. Execute


Airbnb founder tells his story [external video]

Tue 19 Sep 2017

Don't know the Airbnb story??? This polished performance is an essential insight for anyone thinking about being a "disruptor". It's the fainthearted, and not necessarily for anyone that has a brillia ...


How to make powerful business imagery with Paul Lewin

Tue 19 Sep 2017

How to make powerful business photos is the subject of this episode with Paul Lewin from Paul Lewin photography.

Expert in the field, Paul takes us through a 3 step process for making sure you are on target and produce the best photos for business.


Black hat SEO explained

What is BLACK HAT Search Engine Optimisation?

Mon 18 Sep 2017

People ask me all the time for the truth about SEO - Search Engine Optimisation.

It's been around since the first search engines started to index the Internet. Business and other entities have been ...


How to avoid the most common employee lawsuits with Michelle Chadburn

Fri 15 Sep 2017

How to avoid the most common employee lawsuits is the subject of our interview with Michelle Chadburn on the eCentral Business Show. Working for NB Lawyers - the lawyers for employers, Michelle is inv ...


How do decide which video marketing is right for you

Wed 13 Sep 2017

Dave Meikle and I discuss the various video marketing outlet's, the ways that each works and some great examples of how business puts video to work in each channel to succeed on a budget.


How to develop leadership skills with Tony Curl

Tue 12 Sep 2017

Tony Curl from Think and Grow Business speaks on the eCentral Business Show about how to develop leadership skills, their importance and why business people need to do it.


How to Win a Mediation with Farley Tolpen

Thu 07 Sep 2017

Farley Tolpen talks about how to win at a mediation and the ways to go to mediation with the right attitude and strategy. He also talks about the importance to resolve matters and the value of princip ...


Mel Telecican with John Nayler

Mel Telecican from on the eCentral Business Show

Tue 05 Sep 2017

We speak with Mel about participation on the Speakable You course with Jacqueline Nagle. Not only has it shown her a glimpse of the power in a keynote speech, but it has reshaped the way that she spea ...


Kaitlin Sells with John Nayler

How to ensure you don't over-capitalise with Kaitlin Sells

Mon 04 Sep 2017

Kaitlin Sells speaks about the different approach at Family Home Experts to helping home owners and investors make better decisions about renovations... and better buying decisions.


Jen Rottman speaks about Facebook chatbots

Fri 01 Sep 2017

Jen Rottman from JLD Relations talks about chat bots, reaching new markets on Facebook and other social media spaces. With over 2 billion users on Facebook Messenger, automating some interactions pow ...


Lisa Fogarty from Performance Circle

Tue 29 Aug 2017

Lisa Fogarty speaks with John Nayler from the eCentral Business Show creating her own business after a long career working for the finance industry. Performance Circle is the name of her business which invites business to "walk in the customer's shoes". Come on the journey with Lisa as we explore her story on the eCentral business show.


Richard Davies with John Nayler

Richard Davies talks about how venture capital can work for and against a business.

Mon 28 Aug 2017

Richard Davies speaks on the eCentral Business Show about the possible major pitfall that awaits with the dream venture capital offer. Watch this video to learn how to decide about venture capture.



Soul Growers wine

Soul Growers

Tue 15 Aug 2017

As part of a networking and guest event, we hosted BNI Pegasus at our East Brisbane offices. Wine sponsor for the night was Paul Heinicke from Soul Growers who spoke to our John Nayler about the rang ...


Tongue Point and view to Whitehaven Beach

Charter Yachts Australia - Charter Bareboat sailing the Whitsundays

Tue 01 Aug 2017

In the briefest of holidays, eCentral set sail for the Whitsundays with Charter Yachts Australia on their Lightwave 45 "Reflections". We composed a video blog series.... of course. :-)


Von Barnes from Pinnacle Properties talks about value adding and the

Tue 25 Jul 2017

Von Barnes from Pinnacle Properties talks about the value adding that they offer to vendors of properties and the simple improvements that can make tens of thousands of dollars difference to a propert ...


Melissa Meagher and Helen Baker speak about financial planning and budgetting

Fri 21 Jul 2017

Melissa Meagher from Talking Money Financial Planners and Helen Baker talk about budgeting, financial security and financial planning on the eCentral Business Show.

This interview was recorded live  ...


Kim Acworth with John Nayler

Kim Acworth - Acworth Recruitment

Wed 12 Jul 2017

Kim Acworth talks with us on the eCentral Business Show about the advantages for small business to consider using a recruitment agency for the first time

- Taking a professional approach
- Gettin ...


Jackie Strachan on the eCentral Business Show

HR tactics - Jackie Strachan

Wed 28 Jun 2017

We speak with Jackie Strachan about her business HR tactics.

Jackie explains about the building blocks of human resources including compliance, policies and procedures, recruitment, job descriptions ...


Belinda Shaw from NO BS Business Strategies on the eCentral Business Show

Thu 22 Jun 2017

Launching a new product today!

We are proud to introduce the eCentral Business Show.

Our inaugural episode we are very pleased to speak with Belinda Shaw from No BS Business Strategies.

She spoke ...



What business leaders say about eCentral

"... consistently impressed with quality software"

... continuously and consistently impressed with quality software systems, web site design and now digital marketing. Key to the success in the past two years eCentral assisted us with their reputation management service that has positioned us as one of the most highly rated and recognised conveyancing practises in Queensland.

John Horrocks
River City Conveyancing

... placed us in an enviable position...

eCentral's involvement with Cumberland Charter Yachts since 1998 has always resulted in quality results, return on investment and systems supporting the business and operational processes. eCentral's engagement consistently operated with integrity and close adherence to our operational and business goals. The web site, software and supporting marketing advice has placed us in an enviable position in the view of market contemporaries.

Charlie Preen
Cumberland Charter Yachts

Great product, great service within great time

The eCentral team were clear and precise with executing my website, branding and marketing needs. They were on time, on price and fit perfectly the vision I set out for. John is a completely professional and emapthic person who I would highly recommend for any business looking to improve their digital marketing and systems.

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