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Time limits in social media video

Wed 7:45pm 11 Oct 2017

Returning to the eCentral Business Show is Lana Luis from Space Digital to talk with John Nayler about time limits on social media videos.

Video is rapidly becoming an intrinsic part of all the social media platforms.

Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram now all support direct video uploads encouraging people to put videos direct to the platform.

In the past, you would have loaded your video to YouTube or another video hosting platform and then posted the link your post. The only time limit was the from the video hosting platform which was typically YouTube... and the world was simple.

Now each platform has a time limit and at the time of writing they were:
Facebook : 45 Minutes (with constraints on file type and size)
Linkedin: 10 Minutes (with no apparent limit on type or size)
Instagram: Now! 60 seconds
Youtube: 11 Hours

As you can see there's a lot of difference in the platforms and you need to make sure you tailor your video and your message to suit.

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